Analysis: 77% Internet payments during Black Friday were made via BLIK

2021-12-06 06:08

2021-12-06 06:08

Analysis: 77%  Internet payments during Black Friday were made via BLIK
Analysis: 77%  Internet payments during Black Friday were made via BLIK

77 percent Internet payments during this year’s Black Friday were made with BLIK, which means an increase by 28%. yy. – results from the analysis of the online payment operator. Buyers most often chose products from the household appliances / audio / video devices and electronics category.

According to the data collected by the Internet payment operator Tpay, this year during Black Friday the payment method most often chosen by Internet users was again BLIK. “77% of transactions were finalized with his participation. Then there is an online transfer (pay-by-link), which was used by 17% of internet users. The podium closes the payment with a card representing 5%.” – it was written.

According to Tpay, the BLIK payment method is getting stronger every year. On November 26, which is Black Friday, the largest number of transactions was recorded throughout the month. “At that time, their average number compared to the November average increased in individual categories: fashion and accessories by 271% more (and an increase of 9% y-o-y), household appliances / electronics and electronics by 166% more than in November (39 percent y / y), health and beauty more by 91 percent (an annual increase by 187 percent) “- it was reported.

As it was added, during this year’s Black Friday, the average value of the basket in the health and beauty category increased by 29%. compared to the November average. In the household appliances / electronics and electronics industry, the average value of a basket when shopping on Black Friday increased by 16%. against the background of the entire month, and in the fashion and accessories category, the average shopping cart decreased by 7.5%. Compared to last year, the data from the latter purchasing category are quite surprising – in this case, in 2020, an increase of as much as 278% was recorded. – indicated.

According to the operator’s data, Black Friday attracted more consumers than Cyber ​​Monday. “On November 26 this year, sales increased by an average of 160 percent, and on November 29 by 57 percent. Moreover, on Monday the number of transactions was 40 percent lower than on Friday, and the average value of the basket on that day – by 16 percent.

Tpay is a product of the National Payment Integrator (KIP), which has been operating on the Polish online payment market for over 10 years. KIP has the status of a national payment institution and is an entity regulated by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. (PAP)

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