Anatomy of a fall, Victoria… A look back at Justine Triet’s 4 striking films, Palme d’Or 2023

Anatomy of a Fall is undoubtedly the sensation of the Cannes Film Festival of the year 2023. Justine Triet received the Palme d’Or for this feature film which is the fourth in her brilliant filmography.

Justine Triet, the sensation of the Cannes Film Festival 2023

While the Cannes film festival was controversial this year, questioning the place of women in the film industry, the jury chaired by the filmmaker Ruben Ostlund, to whom we owe Without filters among others, decided to crown a French director, Justine Triet. An unexpected and remarkable snub for a film which, on the Croisette, also made everyone agree.

Since the start of his career, Justine Triet greatly enjoys filming the courts. We saw it, for example, with Victoria, the filmmaker’s second feature film, which staged Virginie Efira in the skin of a criminal lawyer who agrees to defend Vincent, accused of attempted murder of his wife. Justine Triet likes to dissect trials, their issues and the human relationships involved. More importantly, we also find in her cinema heroines far from stereotypes where, very often, the codes are reversed. A look back at the career of the woman who is only the third woman to have received a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, succeeding Julia Ducournauawarded in 2021, and Jane Campionawarded in 1993.

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