Anatomy of a Scandal is the new The Undoing

Among the thousand thousand titles that come out every day on the platforms, there are very few that really manage to involve the viewer by offering him a strong, well-written and well-structured story, capable of keeping him awake because the curiosity to understand how it ends is too urgent to be able to be postponed the next morning. Anatomy of a scandal is one of these, and the merit, in addition to the success of Sarah Vaughan’s best-seller published in Italy by Einaudi from which it is based, also belongs to those who wrote and created the miniseries, that is David E. Kelley, showrunner of two must-haves from the HBO catalog such as Big Little Lies And The Undoing. This time it is Netflix the house of this story halfway between the thriller and the legal dramacapable of delving into the hypocrisy of the British upper class by dragging us into a murky betrayal and a process where anything can happen.

Everything starts from Sophie, elegant and beautiful wife of the British Immigration Minister James Whitehouse, a man who voters define as sexy and who presents himself as the classic good match who does not have the slightest speck on his life and career curriculum. At least until he’s accused by his 28-year-old assistant Olivia (played by Jasmine of Aladdin Naomi Scott), with whom she was having an affair, of sexual violence. From there, Anatomy of a scandal it becomes, from a sentimental drama, a judicial epic: the scandal involving Whitehouse, played by an icy Rupert Friend, is too big not to attract the attention of the press and public opinion, not to mention that the alleged violence would have been consummated in the elevator of the House of Commons, making everything much more peppery.

Sophie’s Attempts – played by Sienna Miller, an actress who, despite herself, jumped to the front page precisely because of the betrayal of her partner Jude Law with her children’s babysitter – to support appearances by pretending that it is only a misunderstanding, however, they encounter the first uncertainties when the lover’s lawyer, Kate Woodcroft, played by the great Michelle Dockerynamely the Mary of Downton Abbey, does not light up any gray areas on James’s life. Especially when he was an Oxford libertine who thought that everything was due to him and that everything could be bought. We won’t tell you how the story will evolve, but just know that the ingredients to keep you glued from beginning to end are all there. In Anatomy of a scandal in fact, the classic stylistic features of guaranteed success stories coexist: betrayal, love, the search for truth, doubts, gray areas and twists. In short, stop wasting time selecting the right title to watch at night and give this little gem directed by SJ Clarkson a chance.

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