Ancelotti snatches Juventus, takes him away to zero

Juventus returns to beat the market of players on a free transfer, but Carlo Ancelotti gets in the way with Real Madrid

The summer market of the Juventus it seemed, for names and investments made, to be enough to bring the Bianconeri back to high levels in Italy and with good competitiveness in Europe. At the moment, however, this has not been the case at all, in practice, and almost all the ‘new’ are struggling.

Carlo Ancelotti © LaPresse

The result is that the team of Merry it is revealing several shortcomings and the management is already wondering what the future will be in the medium and long term. The feeling is that, in January or in any case next summer, there will be a need for various corrections, looking for profiles that can further raise the level. There Juventushowever, will have to move with great prudence on the negotiation market, given the delicate economic situation it is experiencing, reaffirmed by the CDA on Fridays. The budget is clear, the ‘red’ of over 250 million requires reasonable expenses. This is why in the Bianconeri’s sights, for the next transfer windows, there are above all players who could soon be available on a free transfer or in any case with contracts very close to expiry. Among these, there are profiles of great interest, already monitored in the past and for which unrepeatable opportunities could arise. But we must be careful, since the other big Europeans could also follow the same line as the Old Lady. Indeed, from Madrid, the great ex Ancelotti could seriously put a spoke in the wheel.

Juventus, on Kanté to zero bursts Real Madrid

Snatch Ancelotti from Juventus, takes him away to zero
N’Golo Kanté © LaPresse

In the sights of the real Madrid in fact N’Golo is back Kantéchased in vain by Zidane when he was coach of the ‘Blancos’. The French coach doted on his compatriot, but Florentino Perez he had never fully convinced himself to pass out for the player of the Chelsea, also because Real in midfield, in recent years, has always had the best of players. Now, however, that the former median Leicester could leave the ‘Blues’ at zero, not renewing the contract, it would represent a remarkable opportunity according to ‘El Nacional’. The last word will be up to the technician, who would see him as a great replacement for Tchouameni.

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