and finally Hilary Duff arrives. The review of the sequel spin-off

This is the story of how I met your father»: The first ten episodes of How I Met Your Fatherspin-off sequel “to the female” of the famous sit-com How I Met Your Motherare now available on Disney + and for fans it is the perfect opportunity to rediscover a world already known and never completely forgotten.

HIMYF starts from the same premises and places of the original show created by Craig Thomas And Carter Bays and finished in 2014: the story is now centered on Sophie (Hilary Duff)young New Yorker resilient looking for love and his group of friends among which he stands out Jesse (Christopher Lowell). Between the two, a dynamic is immediately established that recalls, by attraction and perspectives, that between Ted And Robin.

Only the passing of the seasons (the second of 20 episodes already confirmed) will be able to certify the effectiveness of How I Met your Father: the great merit of the original series was in fact one perfect internal continuity both with respect to the main plot and to individual jokes or jokes. A fil rouge exciting and fun that also seems to be the guideline of the spin-off: renewed in language – Sophie has returned from dozens and dozens of appointments via Tinder – the show has not lost the light-hearted and sometimes surreal spirit of the original, attentive to dynamics relationships of a heterogeneous and calibrated group of new friends.

If the packaging respects the original series with Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders And Alyson Hanniganthe content for now is the orphan of a fundamental figure: in fact the group lacks a Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris)a Machiavellian character of total rupture, incorrect beyond measure and able to take the show’s malice to the extreme and make it so unforgettable. How I Met Your Father tries to recreate the same eccentric dynamic by dividing blatantly sexual jokes between multiple characters, but will that be enough to make the iconic figure of the genius of seduction unnecessary?

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