Andie MacDowell, the secrets of her silver look

That Andie MacDowell and her curly silvery hair have stirred the waters by eluding the silent “Hollywood diktat” makes you think, but it is no longer a novelty: in fact, the actress, driven by a surge of pride and strong in her motivations, decided to take a cue from what was naturally happening to her hair at the time of the first quarantines for welcome a new version of oneselfeven more proud and aware.

Known faces of the likes of George Clooney they did salt and pepper look their distinctive feature, in complete freedom and in an atmosphere of total normality: the same, according to the star of “Maid“, It must be up to women, free from antiquated stereotypes and possible judgments.

The fabulous Andie MacDowell she has long explained how this choice made her feel at ease with herself, strengthened, and how well she looked with gray hair, as if it matched better to her face and thus to her personality.

This is how the woman unwittingly found herself considering, in some way, the forerunner of a new “movement”, a sort of Body Positivity applied, however, to the foliage that has found a following in the public appearance of numerous others celeb with hints of regrowth and gradually graying hair.

A few names? Cynthia Nixon And Sarah Jessica Parker (as can also be seen and discussed in the revival by SATC), Julia Roberts And Jane Fonda.

All beautiful, of course, but even gray hair needs constant care and … maintenance!

Andie MacDowellin this regard, to reveal his secret in recent interviews: that of the graying hair is a slow and not at all simple process, which requires specific products that counteract the dryness and yellowing, able to remove unwanted reflections.

The actress continues to take care of the curly hair that have always distinguished it, trying to preserve its charm through reflecting treatments based on purple pigments (and therefore anti-yellow) that can make them look even more silvery, combined with hair foam and nourishing conditioners for brittle hair.

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