Andor, Review Of The First Three Episodes

The film Rogue One forever changed the fate of the Star Wars, making it clear that there were countless stories to tell among the galaxies imagined by George Lucas. The new series Andorof which the first three episodes on Disney Plus were released today, starts from this concept: staying faithful to the universe of Star Wars but with originality.

It’s been six years now since Cassian Andor made her debut in the film starring Felicity Jones, yet it seems to be facing a new one Rogue Onein the most positive sense.

Let’s take a step back: Cassian before the Rebellion

The series opens with a well-defined time reference: 5 years before the Battle of Yavin, or the events of the aforementioned spin-off film. The Cassian’s pasta character as tormented as he is skilled, so much so that he managed to infiltrate the Empire.

The protagonist initially moves in search of his missing sister, but the murder of two imperial guards leads him to attempt a difficult escape, the turning point that will lead him to become one of the leaders of the Resistance.

It is necessary to assume that the idea of ​​the showrunner Tony Gilroy is to divide the series into three-episode arcs, for which those just published represent in all respects a prelude to the narrative macro-plot. This is the beginning of a long journey that will show the individual growth of the character played by Diego Luna and the birth of the Rebellion.


No lightsabers, Andor moves among ordinary people

What is most striking about the Disney show is its ability to distance itself from other products. Obi-Wan Kenobi And The Book of Boba Fett they had focused on the nostalgia effect for the fans, ending up being greeted with little enthusiasm. Andor instead it brings with it the freshness of a story which, despite its simplicity, does not seem to have already been seen, just as it had done The Mandalorian.

The peculiarity of the series is the fact that, despite seeing distant galaxies, one has the feeling of witnessing one true story, made up of common characters who fight for their life and their freedom, without sacrificing the feelings of humanity towards others. This can be seen for example in Bix Caleenso far the revelation character played by Adria Arjona.

Andor, a serial cinematic experience

Perhaps not all viewers will appreciate the slow pace of the series, but it rightfully takes all its time. Unlike the other TV shows made for Disney Plus, it was in fact finally abandoned the format of 6 or 8 episodes per season (there will be 12, to which a second season will be added). Exactly for this reason Andor begins with an in-depth attention to detail, from the deepening of the characters to that of the settings, which make the film script one of the strengths of the series.

The other area in which Andor appears impeccable is the technical one, thanks to a photograph at times splendid and to excellent interpretations of the whole cast, with Diego Luna who manages to carry the weight of the show on his shoulders, but assisted by luxury supporting actors such as Stellan Skarsgard. Also from the visual point of view its link with Rogue One is evident, as the use of practical visual effects is greater, unlike all the other series in the Star Wars world.

Overall we cannot fail to be satisfied with the first three episodes of a product well thought out and even better realized for now. The hope is that it will be able to maintain this quality all the way through.

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