André Onana announced his departure from Ajax. “I’m the only one still here!”

André Onana admitted after Ajax Amsterdam’s victory against Beşiktaş (2: 1) that he would most likely leave the Dutch club at the end of this season.

The Cameroon international returned to the starting line-up of “Godenzonen” after a longer break resulting from the imposition of disqualification for using illegal measures.

The penalty against the goalkeeper deprived him of the chance to make his dream summer transfer and practically sentenced Ajax to the loss of one of the important players on the basis of a free transfer.

Initially, it was speculated that the 25-year-old player would agree to a possible proposal to extend the cooperation. Nothing like that happened, however, and now André Onana is about to be one step away from completing the move to Inter Milan before the next competition starts.

The interested man himself was therefore asked about his status after making his debut performance in the ongoing Champions League competition against Beşiktaş.

The Barcelona alumnus tried to avoid giving an unambiguous answer to the question asked, but it can still be concluded that he is spending the last months in a Dutch club.

– When you open one door, you have to close it sometime. Maybe it’s time for me to leave. I did my best for this club, I did everything. Sometimes I look back at the Europa League season (2016/2017) and think … wow, I’m the only one still here! – admitted the Cameroonian.

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