ANDREĀDAMO: the autumn winter 2022 2023 collection in 5 points

2. You are who you want. It is the subtext of the collection. Free, unscrupulous, full of red and black. Strong contrasts, almost primary. Color and silhouettes have the task of recounting a rediscovered nocturnal dimension, where music and bodies are in charge.

3. Cut-out trend. If aesthetics follow one another at the speed of light, the product also becomes the weapon to leave an identity mark, something that remains etched in the memory of the beholder. The layered cut-out is already a hallmark of the brand’s previous collections, also highly appreciated by celebrities including Dua Lipa and Lily Collins. But one of the first to embrace the brand’s style was Elodie, in the front row with stylist Ramona Tabita who takes care of her image.

4. Team work. The designer has relied on a series of names of excellence in the global creative landscape: Katie Grand for styling, Pat McGrath for make-up, Anthony Turner for hairstyle, Barbara Nicoli and Leila Ananna for casting, Angus Gruzman for music. The result is a greater conceptual layering process than in previous collections, a higher number of contaminations. And the possibility of projecting even further outwards.

5. Diversity is the new normal. The opening to non-standard aesthetic canons for the catwalk also marks the way in a show that speaks openly of sensuality. Autumn / winter 2022 2023 may perhaps be remembered as the season when the size limit was exceeded, so hopefully. Two distinctive fire red micro dresses, the first worn by the top Vittoria Ceretti and the second by Tess McMillan, already on the Gucci catwalk in Los Angeles and to be marked as a candidate as new plus-site icon, alongside names already cited as that of Paloma Elsesser.

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