Andressa Suite says the quarantine Gusttavo Lima: “we must have calm and patience, but it turned out that we love each other” – Vogue

Andressa Suite (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

Andressa Suite during a conversation with Vogue Brazil (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

Andressa Suite knocked the quarantine if autoconhecer and strengthen your marriage with the singer Gusttavo Lima. Chat with only Sex Merlo, content Director of Vogue Brazil, in the second half of the day on Friday (29.06), model, mother Gabriel, who graduated from 3 years old on Sunday, and Samuel, who will do July 2, she said her husband was already thinking to give reduced on the show to be with family.

“My husband traveled a lot, to make the show, and I was bored. I wanted it to be time to stay with us, but it so happened, a break, of course. This is the period when you must have more wisdom and patience. People do not know too much, and it turned out that we love each other enough”, was released Andressa.

About life in the family, the model said that her husband never annoys me, and that they both know to respect the individuality of each. “We live on a farm, here is a great. So I go to the gym after this will be. But it turned out that there are still organizations, including quarantine. This is the outfit for each party,” he said, laughing.

“But Gusttavo helped me a thousand times more with the kids. Especially because my mom is here, he helps me. I see so many characteristics in it that deficiencies at the time,” he praised. “Who is this quarantine in the marriage because love. I told him that we go through all the stages,” added she.

Andressa the Shuhite, and Gusttavo Lima with children, Gabriel and Samuel on the day of birth of first child, I did 3 years this Sunday (28) (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

Andressa Suite and Gusttavo Lima with children, Gabriel and Samuel on the day of birth of first child, I did 3 years this Sunday (28) (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

Andressa remembered the beginning of a relationship with a “Robinson” for eight years. She says she was filed in marriage four months after the experience. I remember that it was new year’s eve, I was dressed in a white dress with franjinha. I will never forget. But we were to be married after nearly two years after the engagement”, he said.

The model is also reported that two were, many are jealous, but today he learned to control. “Do not quarrel, envy. If I’m very jealous, I was crazy alone, no one sees. And after I say my doctor and rest. Make eight years that we were together, we grow too much, it is very safe for me, and I step to it,” he said.

Andressa is always accompanied by Gusttavo Lima at concerts, but now, because of the quarantine, participates in the life of her husband in the house. Last Friday, she left the surfers, the lovers in the singing, the face is inserted with “Robinson”. “It happens very spontaneously with people, to communicate, to interact. We have millions of people that have love for us as the bed. It always causes me to participate, and to show that I am a part of all of it,” he said.


Fashion accompanies Andressa Suite of 7 years. Always gets high marks in social networks on her appearance, said she was influenced by his mother, and has always been creative, clothes.

“I never had height (to the curb), it was always a fashion model, and very brave. It was very my views to the house, rasgava jeans worn by drinking water (before bleaching)” – she recalled that he said that after maternity extended your style.

“I stopped wearing short dresses, neckline, and Mr. and I like to use the male part. I have always my own style. Caught consultation with the stylist of her husband, but I feel good, loose like my taste,” he said.

Andressa showed that abuse from hoodies and sneakers. Questioned if you are going to make some customs, fashion, after a period of exclusion, the model answer, which should reduce the high-heeled shoes.

“I have reduced the bounce at the expense of children, do not know if to use, I will be back on the trail coturno, tennis. I also like to use a t-shirt Gusttavo and pants easier. He thinks, high and very sexy. Also love the linens, a gym, think practical. I’m holding on to the top, which supports my Boobs, I love trains, to sleep with him. I don’t give it to anyone, I have a friend who five equal,” he said.

Appearance, which are marked Andressa the Shuhite, and said, dress, Marty Medeiros, birthday 31 years (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

Appearance, which are marked Andressa the Shuhite, and said, dress, Marty Medeiros, birthday 31 years (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

Andressa also mentioned part of it, is unforgettable: “the suit I used in my civil marriage, bailed on me, really. And blue dress that my birthday is 31. I plan to make the market “face-to-face from these parts.”

In addition, the advice of a stylist, the husband and your creativity, Andressa is his Muse, inspiring. She testified that loves the style of American model Hailey Baldwin Bieber. “I think it’s great. I stalkeando taking links to appearance hair. I also like fergie”.

With icons “colorful fashion” Brazilian, Andressa, if inspires blogueiras Tássia Courts and Camila Coelho. “They’re beautiful,” he said.

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