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Andrew Garfield is known to most for wearing the suit of Spider-man in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and its sequel. But for others he is best known for his committed films like him Silence or the recent Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! (2021), for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Among his various roles he played a superhero, a conscientious objector, an AIDS patient and a peeping tom, proving to be a versatile and talented actor. In private life, however, he is very reserved, but we still managed to collect some curiosities about him.

Here are 10 things you may not know about Andrew Garfield

Her first camera role was in a Doritos commercial shot in Spain

In the commercial, Garfield pretends to play guitar using a Doritos chip as a pick. “It was a lot of fun,” the actor said in a 2014 interview from Live With Kelly and Michael. “It was my first time ever in front of the camera and I thought, ‘I did it’!”

Andrew Garfield Spiderman
Andrew Garfield in Spiderman

But the real moment Garfield felt he made it in Hollywood was when he threw up in Prince’s bathroom

It happened at a Golden Globes after-party. “I was so full of myself and anxiety, joy and alcohol,” she said. Garfield told the magazine W in 2018 that the incident happened when he went to Los Angeles for the first time having auditioned for the film Lions for Lambs. The Golden Globes were taking place around the same time and Garfield “ended up at one of those silly parties, and I was standing in line with Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, right in front of them.”

His first job was at a Starbucks

Where has it been fired after being found sitting too often in the warehouse. Garfield said he really enjoyed working at Starbucks when he started. But then he was moved to another store in Hendon, which was attached to Sainsbury’s. Garfield said the constant beeping of the cash registers was horrible, plus there was little movement at Starbucks because the Brits had not yet begun to enjoy coffee in the early 2000s.

He was originally asked to audition to play Mark Zuckerberg on The Social Network

But David Fincher decided he was too good at showing his emotions to play such a closed and cold character. Garfield also risked being cast to play Doctor Who in place of Matt Smith.

Andrew Garfield studied famous athletes and spiders for Spider-Man’s movements.

Andrew Garfield is a huge fan of the Spider-Man character. So much so that he wanted to play it perfectly, including the movements. Garfield studied the movements of famous athletes such as Muhammad Ali and Cristiano Ronaldo. But also those of spiders.

“If DNA is mixed with that of a real spider,” Garfield says in a 2012 NPR interview, “then why not actually mimic the physicality of a spider? The lightness, the stillness, the patience and how this changes a 17 year old boy. It was also a fun thing to play with. “

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emma stone andrew garfield breaking up
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

Her real accent surprised her fans (and Emma Stone!)

Fans who used to hear Garfield speak with an American accent they were stunned when he spoke with his real British accent at the 2017 Academy Awards. And they weren’t alone. His ex-girlfriend, the actress of Spider-man Emma Stone, explained that he heard him speak with his character’s accent throughout the shoot. At the end of filming, she realized that she really didn’t speak that way at all. Although Garfield was born in Los Angeles, his mother is from Essex, England. And all of his grandparents are also from the UK. When Andrew was three, his family returned to the UK and stayed there until he became an adult.

He had thought of a different future

Garfield had originally planned to study economy. His brother is a doctor and his parents run an interior design business. His passion for acting hit him at the age of sixteen and so instead he attended the Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London.

He is a very private person

Andrew Garfield is happy to give lengthy interviews about his work, but keeps his private life to himself.

Love being on stage

Andrew Garfield loves being on the stage of a theater. Continuing to live in a performance after performance role. He is happy to feel so close to the audience because he is very different from being a distant character on the screen. Garfield won a Tony Award for his performance in Angels in America.

At the 2017 Golden Globe Awards ceremony, she kissed Ryan Reynolds.

Garfield had joked with Reynolds, who was nominated for a Best Actor award, that if Reynolds won the award he would kiss him in place of his wife, Blake Lively. Initially, the two decided that Reynolds turned to kiss Lively, and then he would kiss Garfield at the last minute. But when Ryan Gosling won the Best Actor award, they decided to kiss anyway.

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Andrew Garfield: All movies and TV series

Andrew Garfield has his first major role in an English TV series called Sugar Rush. Among the various subsequent appearances in the TV series there is the double in Doctor Who. He immediately shows his dramatic talent in the film Boy Abut the first real major movie he stars in is Lions For Lambs. Unforgettable in the English adaptation of Do not leave me with Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley and conquers the public with the Eduardo di The Social Network. Thanks to the success obtained, he is chosen to interpret Spiderman, but his preference remains for dramatic roles. For that of Hacksaw Ridgedirected by Mel Gibson, gets an Oscar nomination and then in Silence is chosen for a very difficult role by Scorsese. At the theater he works at Angels in America and returns to reapply for the Oscars for the lead role in the musical Tick, Tick… ​​Boom!

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