Android Auto and the Assistant’s way. This workaround will not satisfy everyone

Android Auto is often fickle, but some bugs are relatively easy to avoid. This is also the case with problems with the operation of the Google Assistant, which in some drivers only recognizes the first few words of the command.

One of the Android Auto users showed how to “outsmart” the Google Assistant, which does not fully recognize commands in the car – autoevolution points out. Although this is not a solution that will satisfy everyone, but only a half-measure – until an update is released to solve the described problem, it is worth considering its use to facilitate the use of Android Auto.

It turns out that in cases where the Google Assistant in Android Auto recognizes only a small part of the driver’s speech after using the microphone button on the steering wheel, it is enough to properly prepare the smartphone before driving. As noted if the phone is not locked and stays with the screen showing the settings OK Google and Voice Match in the Google Assistant options in the Google application, the commands will be recognized correctly.

Unfortunately, while the solution itself is not particularly convenient, it is already known that it is not always effective either. However, some users confirm that this method is effective in their case, so it is worth checking it if voice commands are necessary for comfortable use of the system. Remember that recently Android Auto has been officially supported in Poland, so you can expect error-free operation of the application also on our market.

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Imperatory WP: Vote for the technology of the year and win 5,000. zlotys!

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