Andrzej Zieliński “Słowik” – who is the new MMA-VIP boss?

“Nightingale” is another ex-criminal who decided to try his hand at show business. Everything indicates that he will be associated with MMA-VIP for a longer time. So let’s take a closer look at his past.

Conflicts with the law accompanied Andrzej Banasiak from an early age. He was born in 1960 in Stargard, in a middle-class family. Shortly after reaching the age of majority in 1978, he was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for theft and car crash. After serving his sentence, he was released, but he did not intend to live an honest life.

Less than two months later, he was convicted again, this time for numerous burglaries and thefts. He was serving his sentence in a high-security prison in Czarne. He tried to escape from it, but was quickly caught and re-imprisoned. Apparently that’s what he assumed then pseudonym “Nightingale”, which he later used in the criminal underworld.

After his release, Banasiak moved to Warsaw. There he started working with the Pruszkow mafia, to become one of its leaders after a short time. During this period, he also met his later wife Monika Zielińskawhose surname he took. Years later, she was hailed the Polish mafia queen, and despite her high-profile divorce, she still enjoys the fame brought about by her relationship with one of the greatest Polish gangsters.

Andrzej Zieliński known under the pseudonym “Słowik“He has had numerous robberies, thefts and extortions to his credit. He headed a criminal group which in the 1990s was one of the most powerful mafia forces in Poland. He was imprisoned many times, but always managed to escape from many years of sentences. pardoned by Lech Wałęsa – he reportedly achieved this thanks to a bribe given to his advisers. “Nightingale” became the most wanted Polish gangsterfor which an international arrest warrant has been issued.

After breaking Pruszkow Mafia, he was sent to prison along with its other members. Thanks to the testimony “Mass” he was charged with leading an organized criminal group of an armed character, inciting the murder of the then chief commander of the police Brand Papała and participating in drug smuggling. Although some of these charges were dropped, the gangster was in prison from 2004 to 2013.

After being released Andrzej Zieliński “Słowik” declared to return to life in accordance with the law. He founded a company, he also published an autobiography of a book entitled “I Complained to the Grave,” in which he tried to shed a different light on his story.

It soon turned out, however, that “Słowik” was not on his way with an honest life. Together with their former comrades from Pruszków – Leszek Danielak (pseudonym Wańka) and Janusz Prasol (pseudonym Parasol), they decided to do business on extorting VAT. CBŚ found their way and in 2017 Zieliński was again convicted of extortion, assaults and robberies.

“Słowik” was released only in December 2021. It might seem that it will be difficult for him to find himself in the new reality, it turns out, however, that despite the subsequent years spent behind bars, Polish gangster associated with the Pruszków mafia it is still very popular in some circles. It was loud about him during the last MMA-VIP gala, when it turned out that he was going to work with Marcin Najman. During the press conference, Najman stated that Zieliński became the new “boss of the federation”.

“Słowik” appeared at the MMA gala wearing a black tuxedo and a mask on his face, accompanied by a soundtrack from The Godfather. Najman announced it with the words: “Behind the federation MMA-VIP there is a boss, whom I invite to the stage ” later he also added that “There are no poles. There is a Boss in MMA-VIP” .

Cooperation with the former gangster “Słowik” caused an uproar in the community, while Najman met with a wave of criticism. The councilors of Kielce did not agree to rent him a sports hall, where the event was originally supposed to take place.

Najman was also openly criticized by journalist Krzysztof Stanowski. Everything indicates that he does not intend to change his position.

Najman adds that in his opinion, there are many criminals and people with convictions in the MMA and boxing environment. “Such an environment” – he comments.

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