Andy Reid on Kelce’s Super Bowl push

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Travis Kelce refuses to specify what complaint he made to coach during Super Bowl

Travis Kelce nearly disarmed Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid during Super Bowl halftime. Actually looks like typed pushfrom this point of view, fortunately for the 65-year-old coach, there is nothing to regret.

Kelce seemed very unhappy with his coach during this operation. He yelled at him viciously, clearly complaining about the team’s operations.He looked depressed in the first two quarters and could hardly shoot.

What does Andy Reid have to say about Travis Kelce’s push?

At the end of the game, Andy Reid was asked about the moment and jokedOr the claim that Kelce tested his hips, even though the fact that he was caught made the move seem more violent than it actually was.

He put his hips to the test. It threw me off balance; Normally I would respond, but I don’t have any footing. he keeps me young. What I like is that he loves the game and wants to help his team win. Even though he was in conflict with me, I understood. “ He said at the end of the game that the Chiefs won their fourth Super Bowl and their third under Andy Reid.

Travis Kelce and Andy Reid
Travis Kelce and Andy Reid/Getty Images

Kelce promises he’ll never disarm coach

Kelce was also questioned at the time and assured that he would never put a coach’s physical health at risk, but did not elaborate on why he pushed Reid in the way he did. Basically what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

What happened to Andy Reid I will keep private. I just told him how much I loved him. I’ll keep it between us… “I just told him how much I loved him.”.

“He helped me a lot with that, channeling my emotions, my passion and I owe my entire career to that man who allowed me to control my emotions.I just love himhe mentioned.

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