Andy Reid, Travis Kelce downplay Super Bowl ‘fracas’

In appearance after winning Super Bowl XVIII, Chiefs coach stressed his players caught him off guard, but nothing more

Andy Reid and Travis Kelce Minimize the impact of the first half super bowl fifty-eight exist las vegas. As the game ended, the head coach and tight end got into an argument on the sideline. San Francisco 49ers They are ranked higher than them on the scoreboard.

Given the despair chiefs They couldn’t impose conditions and play a good first half, and Kelce walked up to Reid and yelled at him, a situation that was portrayed on the broadcast and among all the photographers gathered on the scene. Allegiant Stadium.

“It kept me off balance because I didn’t see it (laughs). He told me to put the ball in and he would score. I love him. “It keeps me young,” he said. Andy Reid During his press conference after winning his third title super bowl And avoid talking more about the fight.

same Travis Kelce He also didn’t want to talk about what happened with his head coach when his team was trailing on the scoreboard and they couldn’t find answers to turn around a Niners team that looked better in the first half.

“I’ll keep it between us. “I just tell him how much I love him,” Kelce told NFL Prime Time.

Still, Reed remains optimistic and happy that they won two championships. National Football League– they defeated in the last game philadelphia eagles 35-38 Now they turn the tables. san francisco 22-25–.

“It’s a little bit surreal to be a two-time champion. It’s rare for teams in this league. I didn’t know anything about dynasties, you would say. It’s a huge win because I know how to achieve this How difficult the goal was. I’m proud of the guys coming together. The offense and defense are improving and we have great leaders like Patrick and Travis who are passionate. I love that. “They make me feel young,” Li said. De said.

“We’re competitive and the level of this league is unbelievable. I’m really grateful to see these guys focus on this. I’m really grateful for the first one because it took me a long time to get there, But now I’m also grateful every day for this honor that I have and the honor that the owners have given me. “It feels good and we have a great coaching staff. “

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