Angelica Gori: “An honor to sing in Bergamo, it will be a good party among my friends and family”

On the occasion of their live performance on Friday 13 May all‘NXT Station festival we contacted Angelica Gorisinger of “Call meifaro “to ask her a few questions about success, future projects, legacy of the past and what it really means for her to express herself with music.

Hello Angelica, although it is now trivial to ask, how do you feel in this period?

Goes very well! A little tired I have to tell you, I’m full of things to do, but for me being like this means being happy.

On Friday you will perform in Bergamo, in Piazzale degli Alpini, in the company of nationally renowned artists of the caliber of Serendipity and Ciliari. How does it feel to have to do the honors?

I confess that I have a slight anxiousness: I only tell you that at this moment I am in front of a cup of boiling milk with honey because I already have a psychosomatic sore throat from stress, and it is 27 ° outside. Apart from that, however, I am really honored to be able to start this summer touring season right from Bergamo. Being in my city makes me more agitated than usual as I told you, but on the other side there will be all my friends, my family and people I haven’t seen for a long time but who in any case wrote to me that they will come to see me; it will undoubtedly be a good party.

However, there will not be only Bergamo among the destinations of your summer tour.

Exactly, in addition to those already confirmed in Brescia, Vicenza, Padua and many others, in the coming days we will announce other dates, so the trip will expand even more. Looks like we’re going to have a nice summer around.

The last time we spoke was November 2020: you had only released two singles that had 700,000 plays and just under 80,000 monthly users. Almost two years later, other songs have arrived, an EP, a featuring and the reproductions of your songs are counted in the millions, while the monthly audience has risen to 242,000. What effect does it have to see such exponential growth?

It makes me really happy, I’m happy that the project is going well and I’m also happy with the kind of growth it is having. I find that such an organic increase is the best that can be had: every now and then it makes me anxious to see that other artists break through completely with the debut single, only to find themselves loaded with heavy expectations. Mine, on the other hand, was a more natural growth, we could even say slower in some ways, but certainly more useful in not putting pressure on. I repeat that I am really very happy and I hope that over time we can get even further, in small steps, but always taking off great satisfactions.

In your latest single “Rain of CBD” you describe with delicate realism the end of a stormy relationship in which the two lovers, respectively “the king of the hands in the pockets” and “the queen of the doors in the face”, seem to seek the other in the other. that is missing within them. How was the inspiration for a song with such a bitter taste born?

Let’s say that the first sentence that in my opinion led me in that direction was the “I’ll be back soon, I’ll never come back” of the chorus, which is the first thing I wrote. This sort of ultimatum gave me a reflection on this type of stormy relationship which, in addition to being based a little on my personal background, led me to write this song. At the beginning, among other things, the idea was to call the piece “Mr. & Mrs. Smith ”, I don’t know if you know that horrible movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, with a special verse at the beginning that said“ Mr. & Mrs. Smith it could be you and me ”, because I really wanted to tell the story of two people who, despite living in the same house, want to kill each other. But then I saw the film again and I realized that, apart from the message, it was something quite bad, so I removed the references, but the meaning remained. I liked the idea of ​​talking about a relationship that ended in such a violent and angry way because I have always thought that there are two ways to break up: the first involves separating within the maximum limit which then allows the two people to respect each other, while the other is the “CBD Rain” scenario.

Angelica Gori

Your old profile as an artist on Spotify, dated 2017, reads “My name is Angelica, a singer and a songwriter from Italy; i strongly believe in the power of music “. Are these few lines still valid to describe you personally and artistically?

Certainly yes, there are very few things that still represent me about my old musical project, but certainly this sentence is still mine, nothing has changed about it. All in all I’m still a girl who sings, writes and believes so much in the power of music. Of this I am very convinced.

Treccani defines the lighthouse as: “light signaling instrument, consisting of a white light projector”. For you, has the meaning of this word changed over time?

No, I don’t think it has changed. The lighthouse for me symbolizes my place of the heart; there is a lighthouse in my life where I went to play and where I still go to play every now and then with my guitar. It’s my special place, able to put my peace of mind and where I really feel free to do what I want without necessarily having an audience that judges me. The name “Chiamamifaro” comes from here, from the place where I chose years ago to try to make music my life. My heart is there, so I can confirm that no, nothing has changed.

As mentioned before, in addition to your solo career, you started collaborating with other artists. What was it like designing “Corallo” together with others?

It was a new experience that made me grow a lot. Lortex is a very good person with whom I found myself super well and what we have produced is proof of this. Among other things, I just finished another collaboration, even if I can’t say with whom, but it will be known shortly I confess that it made me very very happy.

As far as possible, could you tell us what Chiamamifaro is planning for the future?

There is an album that is almost finished, there are just the last two things to fix but I think everything is ready by now. It will be out very soon and we will try to take it on tour and in our concerts. I have to tell you that the work done in the last few months makes me very proud, it wasn’t always easy but the project was very stimulating right from the start and I hope people like it as much as I do.

Angelica Gori

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