Angelina Jolie again accuses Brad Pitt: “He beat me and our children”

The New York Times reported some statements filed in court by Angelina Jolie’s lawyers in which there are more details on an assault that had already been talked about in the past. On the private jet from France to California, Brad Pitt raised his hands to his son Maddox, who hasn’t wanted to hear about his father ever since. The papers read that “Pitt grabbed one of the children by the neck and hit another in the face. He grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her. He then spilled beer on her, beer and red wine on her children.”

After that episode Jolie filed for divorce

A few days after that nasty traveling episode, Jolie filed for divorce. It is known that Brad Pitt had bad alcohol addiction problems, which probably prompted him to have the violent behaviors Jolie talks about and which the actor has denied anyway.

He asked her to keep quiet about what happened

The divorce between the two celebrities has been going on for years and during the division of their French winery, the Château Miraval estate, he would have proposed to sign “a confidentiality agreement that would contractually have them prohibited from speaking outside court about Pitt’s physical and emotional abuse of her and their children“. She refused and the actress then turned to an outside buyer. Pitt did not want to ruin his fame, as did Johnny Depp in part for the affair with Amber Heard, even if in the end she was the one who paid dearly for the affair. Everything here seems more and more similar to the ugly chapter of the trial involving Johnny Depp and his ex-wife which effectively ended with the acquittal of the actor of the Pirate of the Caribbean, while she had to pay millions in compensation.

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