Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in 2005

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In the first red carpet photo together, the partners from the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” set do their best to prevent anyone from guessing that they have more than their job in common. 16 years later, they are united by caring for six children. Everything else is shared.

In 2016, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce against Brad Pitt. After 11 years of relationship and 2 years of marriage, the acting couple split up in harmony. Harmony reigned until time. In court it went to knives. Angelina demanded exclusive custody of six children. She accused Brad of violent behavior caused by alcohol and marijuana addiction. According to recent reports, Jolie believes Judge John Ouderkirk is on the side of her ex-husband because he acceded to Brad’s request for more custody (currently five children, because the eldest Maddox is already an adult), and did not support Jolie’s request to be heard children whom she believes are “threatened” by their father.

History has come full circle – the relationship ends as it began, in an atmosphere of scandal. When the sensational comedy “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was released in June 2005, there were whispers in the lobby that the actress had broken the marriage of her partner from the set with Jennifer Aniston. Hollywood’s golden couple, who married in 1999, were considered fortunate until the appearance of the famous femme fatale Jolie on the horizon. Awarded an Oscar for “Interrupted Music Lesson” in 1999, she kissed her brother on the red carpet, married twice – to Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, rumors of drug problems and episodes of self-harm. She was the opposite of Aniston, America’s favorite, girl next door, for her role as Rachel in “Friends” of the most popular TV actress.

During the promotion of their joint film in Las Vegas, Angelina and Brad avoided eye contact at all costs, even brief touches of the hand, instead of smiling, they made strange grimaces. The tabloids weren’t fooled – they started writing about perceptible chemistry, especially since neither Angelina nor Brad ever looked so good. She in a silk dress with a scarf pattern (today it would be fashionable again!), With flowing hair and a perfect complexion, all in black, tanned, with a short haircut, so different from the blonde balayage he wore in the 90s. A few months later – in June 2005 – at the official premiere of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in Los Angeles, Angelina and Brad posed for photos with the crew – producer and director. The photojournalists managed to catch the radiant smile looking at Pitt Jolie. A month later, the “Domestic Bliss” session with the participation of the couple was published in the “W” magazine, although Brad was not yet divorced. – Someone lacked sensitivity – commented on the Aniston publication. Jennifer and Brad’s divorce was announced in the fall. At the same time, Jolie adopted a second child – Zahara (she was Maddox’s mother since 2002), already in the company of a new boyfriend. In January 2006, it was reported that Jolie was pregnant, and Pitt adopted Maddox and Zahara. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt made her debut as a month old newborn on the cover of People. When asked about the wedding, Angelina and Brad, allies of LGBTQ + people, unanimously answered: – We will not get married until everyone in the United States can do so.

They did not stop expanding the family – in 2007 they adopted Pax in Vietnam, a year later twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline were born, who, like Shiloh, appeared in People. In 2012, the acting couple broke their promise – they decided to get engaged. They got married two years later (after having had a double mastectomy, which Angelina had in 2013). At the French castle Chateau Miraval, which belongs to the acting couple, only the closest met, all the children of the Jolie-Pitts were involved in the ceremony. This time, a great event in the family was reported by the magazine “Hello”. The Jolie dress, made to measure at Versace by the tailor Luigi Massi, and decorated with children’s drawings prepared in advance, has gone down in history. Two years later it was over. Angelina filed for divorce, suggesting with Pitt that “the health of the family is at stake.” The announcement even shocked friends Jolie and Pitt. – I didn’t know anything, I’m so sorry, it’s the end of an era – George Clooney was talking. With time it became clear that the marriage had not been going well for a long time. The couple argued primarily about educational methods. Brad’s friends began calling Angelina “crazy” in the media, and she responded with very serious allegations of domestic violence, which were not confirmed by the police or the FBI involved in the investigation.

After breaking up with Jolie Pitt, several romances were attributed to him, the most likely was the one with the model Nicole Poturalski. Angelina remained single. After Brad congratulated Aniston behind the scenes at the January 2020 SAG Awards, the #TeamJen group kept their fingers crossed for the return of the former couple. For now, Brad and Jen are just friends. In Hollywood, a final happy ending is possible, but for now, after gaining joint custody, Pitt is focused on rebuilding the children’s trust.

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