Angelina Jolie and daughter Zahar on the red carpet. Photos

Angelina Jolie appeared at an industry event on Thursday evening. She was not alone – she took her daughter Zahara with her, who posed freely in front of the photojournalists’ lenses. See photos.

Angelina Jolie not only fulfills itself on film sets, but above all plays the role of a mother. She brings up six children whose father is her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Although the spouses have not been together for several years, they regularly meet in court, where they fight, inter alia, for the right to care for five of their children. The oldest, Maddox, is 20 years old and decides who he wants to keep in touch with.

A court a few months ago decided that Pitt could spend more time with the kids. Apparently, Jolie is not going to leave the case like that. He will do everything to have full custody of them:

Angelina will fight with her teeth and claws. Her getting rid of the judge will not be the only weapon in her arsenal. We probably haven’t seen the worst of its stalling tactics yet, reports the source “New Idea”.

Angelina Jolie and Zahara on the red carpet. What did they look like?

Although Angelina Jolie gives interviews from time to time, she does not comment on rumors that she wants to limit the children’s contact with their father. Instead, it focuses on issues related to their upbringing. She recently admitted that she somewhat limited her professional activity. This allows her to spend more time with her children:

These are the years when they really become adults. I am happy to be here and make sure that I am doing the best I can.

However, it happens that the actress appears on red carpets. Just like on Thursday, when she took part in one of the industry events. She wasn’t alone. Angelina Jolie took her daughter with her, Zarahwho freely posed in front of photojournalists’ lenses.

The 16-year-old turned to eye-catching styling. She dressed in a white long-sleeved blouse, which she combined with color-matched pants. She also reached for comfortable shoes and delicate earrings. She looked great, almost as good as her mom. Angelina Jolie that evening put on a long dress that perfectly emphasized her figure.

You can find photos in the gallery.

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