Angelina Jolie and her daughter Vivienne, musical passion: the new photo together

United by a love of theatre. Angelina Jolie and the daughter Vivienne have been spotted at Forrest Theater in Philly where the famous musical is on stage these days Dear Evan Hansen. Or rather, the American actress and the girl – 14 years made last month – were immortalized in two souvenir photos backstage, embracing and smiling, close to Anthony Norman, the star of the show.

According to what it reveals People, it wasn’t the first time that mother and daughter attended that show: «They had it already seen in Los Angeles and Vivienne fell in love with it,” said a source. “Were you are enthusiastic of Norman’s performance», who plays the protagonist, Evan Hansen indeed, a high school student who suffers from social phobia and finds himself mixed up against his will in the suicide of a schoolmate.

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So there is a strong message about teenage depression in this musical, which premiered Washington in 2015 ea Broadway in 2016, conquering the prestigious the following year Tony Award. A recognition that has certainly found consent of Angelina and Vivienne, who now they camp also on the official social page of the show: «We salute them», it reads, «this weekend in Philly».

An image that ease the tension after a complicated week – at least at the media level – for the Oscar Prize: according to the rumors reported by some US newspapers, in fact, Jolie would have opened anonymously a legal proceeding to understand why the FBI in 2016 has closed the investigation for assault involving ex-husband, Brad Pittfollowing the famous fight on the plane.

The conditional concerning this matter remains a must. While passion of mother and daughter for the theatre that’s for sure.

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