Angelina Jolie and her transformation on the red carpet

If you think to the style of Angelina Jolie you will be able to distinguish at least three macro identity along the entire fashion evolution. The first young and rebellious, the second is a seductress and steal the boyfriends and the most recent ambassador, is committed to the United Nations.

My first memory of the cinema of Angelina Jolie dates back to 1998. Has pink hair and is beautiful next to Ryan Philippe (he blue) in Jokes of the Heart Willard Carroll. Aroused curiosity, it was almost an emerging and yet it had an explosive personality. The next year arrived Girl, Interrupted with Winona Ryder. And so the Jolie, daughter of actor Jon Voight, was known by the whole world for his skill.

Rebellious and unpredictable-begins to express itself also on the red carpet. The dresses of the first apparitions, full of crystals and almost always white (with pashmina) or in light colors, they disappear to leave space for in the cracks and plunging necklinesbut above all one colour: black more intense and seductive.

Look change with the arrival of Brad

Angelina Jolie has a physical esplisivo, long legs from the knees pointed, lives very close and a décolleté important. The first of the love with Brad Pitt his look seemed to tell a search angry of herself, in that beauty which is unique and powerful. Provocative with long dresses and provocative with the blood of his brother in an amulet worn around the neck, the turning of love Jolie arrives just when it is blowing at Jennifer Aniston, the beautiful Brad on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. And so the look is changing and always ultra-feminine, but more glamorous. The house favorites are Versace, Armani and Saint Laurent.

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie in By The Sea (2015)

The family expands (6 children), the humanitarian commitment increases and the death of the mother the change permanently. Angelina passes through a stage as a director, seems to want to tell the end of her love with Brad in the film By The Sea, in which he directs and appears beautiful in lingerie and glasses from the 70s. Ellen Mirojnickthe costume designer, creates a work sublime, for him and for her. The two drink, fight, love, hate and forgiveness in the silence of a luxury hotel on the French Riviera.

Light clothing, a négligé and open shirts. Brad and Angelina say goodbye while dressed in a divine way. The inspiration is YSL and Halstonthrough to the glam actresses like Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Birkin and Charlotte Rampling. The Mirojnick is also the genius who has kept the look of the 80s and Glenn Close in Fatal Attractionof Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct and, to name another, Diane Lane Rude boy. All unforgettable icons.

Look at the fashion evolution of Brad Pitt

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