Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek still very close

Male loneliness, the crisis everyone talks about, just isn’t a problem for some people. This isn’t a problem for guys who play pickleball and for most guys in bands, I guess. You know who else this isn’t a problem for? Women. Male loneliness is simply not a problem for women. And above all, male loneliness is not a problem for friends Angelina Jolie And Salma Hayek, who will always have each other.

Hayek apparently takes time out of his schedule every year to talk about his friend Jolie. More recently, the wife of François-Henri Pinault, told Gossip Herald that she likes “everything” about her friend. “(Jolie has) been very, very enriching in my life, in many ways – as a mother, you know. Especially as artists.

They were spotted last month taking their teenagers to dinner at Nice Guy. Last year, after Jolie directed Hayek in Without blood, Hayek said People that Jolie was “probably the best director I’ve ever worked with.” And I worked with very good players.

The previous year – 2021 – Jolie took the honorary position of pushing Hayek into his birthday cake in front of the Mexican. the bite tradition. As Hayek said Jimmy Kimmel About the video posted on Instagram, she was working with her Marvel teammates on her 55th birthday and she was away from her husband.

“I was flying out the next day because I had to work that day,” the actor said. “Everyone felt sorry for my loneliness, so they just showed up at my house. »

At the press conference for The Eternals, Hayek called Angelina his “soulmate.” So I do not know. There seems to be a lot to learn here. Those suffering from male loneliness should consider female friendship. And also cake.

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