Angelina Jolie breaks fashion rules with a surprisingly chic color duo

There is a color combination that is traditionally not recommended, white and cream. This rule of fashion has been called into question since the star Angelina Jolie wore it with class and distinction.

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The beautiful actress turned heads (and raised the eyebrows of the most conservative) with a perfect summer-fall transition ensemble.

Wearing a white maxi dress layered with an oversized vanilla-colored blazer, the 48-year-old sparked reactions with two colors long known to be unsightly when worn on the same outfit.

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This controversial color combination was paired with patent leather Christian Louboutin pumps nudea giant CELINE tote bag and black sunglasses.

GC Images via Getty Images

Knowing that black and navy, just like pink and red, are now in fashion after having long been criticized when juxtaposed together, Angelina Jolie could be on the way to getting us used to her cream and white combo.

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