Angelina Jolie calls Brad Pitt’s honesty about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston


Angelina Jolie would have launched a dig at ex-husband claiming that to be honest with her and their six children. The topic? The alleged relationship, according to the many “rumors”, between Brad Pitt and his ex-historical, the first wife, Jennifer Aniston

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Honesty first of all, this would Angelina Jolie in general, by all but especially by her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.
It seems that Jolie has wanted to send a clear message to the father of her children with a dig in the middle of an interview that the diva was holding with Hello Magazine.

Telling of how he is spending the quarantine along with his six children, with particular attention paid to education at a time when the schools are closed, and then the only way is the distance learning, and that between the walls of the home, Angelina would not have lost the occasion to make a note on his ex. Very well concealed, means: addressing in general to all the parents who are facing the many issues of the case related to education in this emergency, the star has alluded to the expectations that mothers and fathers have to their children, but not only those.

Angelina Jolie has stated how important the relationship back-and-forth, and not only that unique: it’s fundamental you do not neglect even the expectations of the children, in short.

“It’s nice to discover that your children don’t want perfect. You just want to honest. And from there you parent you need to do your best,”said to Hello Magazine the actress. Although I have not done, the name of Brad Pitt, many have caught a glimpse of a message that is addressed to him. More than a message, an invitation to be honest in respect to her but, above all, of their six children about her alleged relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

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Some of the entries, in fact, would for certain not only the reconciliation between the actor and his first wife, but even a return of the flame. It is rumored even that Brad is spending the lockdown in the isolation along with Jennifer Aniston but of course it is, for now, merely “rumors.” Why become a reality would be to Brad, surprised by the invitation of Angelina, honestly…



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