Angelina Jolie caught on a date. The whole world knows him! They came separately, they left together and went to his villa

A few weeks ago, Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd were caught having dinner together in Santa Monica. Back then, it was not known what the two really had in common – whether they were just friends, or whether a passionate feeling had arisen between them. The latest photos, however, may suggest that things are getting more serious. The actress and singer were once again noticed at a joint dinner. Love is in the air?

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Angelina Jolie caught dating a famous musician. They came separately, but returned to his residence together

According to the Daily Mail, Jolie and The Weeknd met in a private part of the Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi. They made sure to arrive separately, but after more than two hours of eating and talking, they went together to the musician’s luxury car. It wasn’t the end of their date.

She then jumped into the back seat of The Weeknd’s black SUV and together they drove to his $ 70 million Bel-Air mansion.

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Angelina Jolie put on a black, double-breasted trench coat, matching pumps, and a Yves Saint Laurent bag to meet the musician. Unfortunately, the paparazzi did not manage to see what dress she wore under her cloak. The Weeknd, however, looked very elegant and it must be admitted that it matched the stylization of the actress. That evening he was wearing a black jacket, tight jeans, and shoes with a low heel.

Do you think that soon Jolie and The Weeknd will officially confirm their relationship? Maybe they will appear together on the red carpet?

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