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Angelina Jolie does not wear a bikini or swimsuit. Photo with nothing at sea


Angelina Jolie who is no longer that young actress who took her first steps on the big screen and unhinged everyone with an incomprehensible beauty, also does not lose its essence. A photo with nothing at sea was the reason for looks and comments on social networks. The actress does not let the difficult stages lived under her enjoy the present and future to the fullest of her possibilities.

In the snapshot, you can see how the Californian is taking a bath, but without a bikini or swimsuit, a dress that becomes transparent with water is the only thing that covers it. 

They are 44 years very well overcome if we analyze all the health and emotional problems that they went through. Of course, being one of the actresses with the highest income per year was a great help. 

The genetics played a good pass and that is noticeable to a greater extent with the passage of time. Followers ask him to return to acting with a rhythm of films from the past, but dedication to her family and many charitable events around the world can delay her staging. 

Angelina in her childhood suffered a lot from her parents’ problems and this endangered her life, she tells how everything was at 13: «I did not like anyone touching me, I was not able to feel anything, could not sleep. So cutting myself with knives and feeling the pain was my only way to feel alive. It was therapeutic ». 

Angelina Jolie found salvation to this misfortune with her children, from that moment she changed her perception of the bad: «Now that I am a mother I can no longer afford to take refuge in that place of self-destruction, addictions or madness that I used to go to every time that something went wrong. So I stopped doing it. When my world collapses or I feel depressed, I get up and smile.

This dark past serves to value the great star that it is today. Will she stomp again as an actress soon?



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