Angelina Jolie donates a million dollars to help children affected by the coronavirus

Angelina Jolie it has been one of the celebrities to join in the efforts to relieve the health crisis that affects the world by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, Covid-19. The actress has taken a step forward in this fight by donating a million dollars to the Foundation, No Kid Hungry, dedicated to the work of distributing all the aid possible to the schools in various communities in the united States for their pupils to receive their respective meals.

Angelina Jolie donates a million dollars to help children affected by the Covid-19

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One of the consequences of this pandemic, is that thousands of children who were dependent on these meals in their respective schools no longer have access to them due to the order of the cessation of classes to prevent the spread of the virus. But this has not stopped organizations such as No Kid Hungry, those who are working to find alternatives that ensure that these little ones receive their food.

With the contribution of a million dollars from the Oscar-winningthe Foundation will continue with its work to ensure that more and more children are part of low-income families can access food, despite the closure of the schools.

“Starting this week, more than a thousand million children do not go to school all over the world due to closures related to the coronavirus.”, said Angelina Jolie in a press release in which it announces its donation to No Kid Hungry. “Many children depend on the care and nutrition they receive during the school hours, including nearly 22 million children in the united States who rely on food support. No Kid Hungry is making a determined effort to reach as many children as possible.”

Jolie, known for her successful career in Hollywood and her humanitarian work around the world, also made a donation to the Refugee Agency of the UN, according to have been reported in other media.

Also, the actress who gave life on the big screen in Maleficenthas sent supports to schools which it funds in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya and Namibia through the Foundation, Maddox Jolie Pitt, in order to ensure that their students continue their education during the crisis.

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