Angelina Jolie fights for changes in American law

The Larry Nassar affair in 2016 shocked all of America. It was then that the Indianapolis Star published an article in which former gymnast Rachael Denhollander revealed that a US gymnastic federation doctor had sexually molested her for years. Shortly after the publication of her shocking confessions, other players hurt by Nassar began to tell their stories in public.

An investigation that followed revealed that the doctor had sexually abused over 300 women and girls over the years. For these crimes he was sentenced to 175 years in prison. Amazingly, despite the charges against him, he continued to do his job. Irregularities in the investigation conducted by the FBI were recently revealed in a report by the inspector general of the US Department of Justice. Testimonies about the errors and abuses of the Bureau officials were submitted by the aggrieved gymnasts in the Senate. A day later, the sportsmen were supported by Angelina Jolie.

The Oscar winner, who has been involved in philanthropic work for years, met Maggie Nichols, Kaylee Lorincz, Jessica Howard, McKayla Maroney and Aly Raisman, and then posted a joint photo of them on Instagram.

“I had the honor of meeting some of the brave American gymnasts who stood before the Senate committee yesterday. I am impressed with their courage and commitment to prevent future failures in tracking abuses. As Aly Raisman stated in her testimony: More than 100 victims could avoid suffering. It only took one adult to do the right thing. I would like to express my support and respect to both them and all the people who are experiencing this trauma again, hoping that the system will be reformed “- wrote Jolie.

With the support of gymnasts, Jolie’s involvement in this matter does not end. The actress confessed that she also met with US senators, with whom she spoke about the need to amend the Act on Counteracting Violence Against Women and making the necessary reforms in the FBI.

The changes proposed by the star are intended to provide better protection for battered women and children and to guarantee them appropriate care by doctors and psychologists. Jolie is also calling for a reform of the law to allow for a completely impartial collection of forensic evidence and the introduction of mandatory training for judges and officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Jolie ended her post with the hashtag “#StopViolenceAgainstWomen”.

A report by the Inspector General of the US Department of Justice found that there were many irregularities during the investigation. The document revealed that FBI officials tried to cover up the case – they took no action for eight months after receiving a report of Nassar’s crimes, and then falsified the investigation report.

One of the athletes who testified in the Senate was the four-time Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles. “I am a victim of sexual abuse. I firmly believe that my trauma and the traumas of so many other female players are the result of the institutions that were supposed to protect us failing to do their job. I do not want another young gymnast, Olympic athlete or any other athlete. the person experienced the horror that I and hundreds of others have lived through, and we are surviving to this day in the aftermath of Larry Nassar’s abuses. I blame the entire system that made it possible for him, “Biles pointed out firmly.

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