Angelina Jolie for the first time so honest about breaking up with Brad Pitt. “I was afraid for my family”

Angelina Jolie in the latest interview with the British newspaper “The Guardian” tells, inter alia, on why her divorce from Pitt is a human rights issue.

  • Angelina Jolie gave an interview to “Guerdian”, in which she told about her experiences related to, inter alia, with the end of his marriage to Brad Pitt
  • The actress admits that human rights, especially children’s rights, are extremely important to her. Therefore, she decided to part ways with Pitt
  • Jolie admits that she was afraid for her entire family. However, she hopes that all wounds will be healed, which will allow her family to live in peace, also with her ex-husband
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Angelina Jolie was interviewed on the day the Taliban entered the Afghan capital of Kabul. It is difficult not to associate this situation with human rights, which the actress considers a priority. Jolie talks to young people, she wants them to be more aware than many politicians.

Actress – activist

Jolie has spent 20 years campaigning for human rights, first as ambassador and then special envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Has completed over 60 field missions. Now, 46, Jolie has written a book with children’s rights attorney Geraldine Van Bueren, entitled “Know Your Rights.” This is a guide for young people named after the song by The Clash.

“Children’s rights were broken very close to me”

She was driven to write the book by fewer children’s rights in the United States than in Europe, for example. She adds, though by a nod, that the family situation also influenced her. “I was afraid for my family, my whole family,” Jolie told the Guardian. She divorced Brad Pitt, whom she accused of domestic violence. She believes that for years she has not noticed that children’s rights are being violated so close to her. Breaking up with Pitt was not an easy decision for her.

Appearances are deceptive

Jolie and Pitt have been Hollywood’s golden couple for years, even earning the nickname “Brangelina”. They are successful people, one of the most recognizable actors in the world. The marriage traveled all over the world, made people aware. They opened schools in poor countries, and three of their six children were adopted. The kids come from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia. They seemed like a perfect couple.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce. Why?

In September 2016, Jolie filed for divorce, which was finally finalized three years later. Still, Pitt and Jolie struggle to obtain parental custody, and the actress accused Pitt of domestic violence. The break-up situation was supposed to happen on the plane, when Pitt, under the influence of alcohol, was about to scream and hit his son. Shortly after, Jolie filed for divorce. Pitt has been cleared of the charges.

Home abuse

For the past five years, Jolie has been the primary custodian of the children, and Pitt has been visiting. – I know that when a child has been physically or emotionally harmed or witnessed harm to someone they love, it can hurt that child. One of the reasons children must have their rights is because without them they are exposed to a dangerous, unhealthy life, Jolie told The Guardian.

The world has divided into supporters of two camps – some want the children to stay with Jolie, others with Pitt. Jolie was accused of persuading her children to testify against their father. The actress adds, however, that she can’t talk too much about the details of breaking up with Pitt, as the lawsuit is still pending.

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Alcohol problem

Pitt later admitted that he had an alcohol problem. He also said that he abused verbal but never physical violence. Jolie admitted that the recent divorce had overwhelmed her, broke her, but she wanted her family to get over it. – Everyone, including their dad. I want the wounds to heal and that we can live in peace. We will always be a family – concluded Jolie.

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