Angelina Jolie gets her middle fingers tattooed, would it be a middle finger directed at Brad Pitt? We tell you everything… – Grazia

Fans are really in the wrong place.

Angelina Jolie has been a fan of tattoos since a young age. It’s her little rebellious side… Over the years, she’s had around twenty of them, even if some – testimonies of past relationships – have since disappeared or been transformed. And a few days ago, Angelina again passed through the hands of a famous New York tattoo artist, Mr. K. IThere wasn’t too much room left on Angie’s arms, shoulders or back, so the artist tattooed the actress on her fingers. More specifically on the palmar side of his adults.

Mr K. shared the result on Instagram. Well almost. What he did to her, he blurred. And he had fun asking Internet users to try to guess what is it about : “I still can’t believe I grabbed her hand and tattooed ithe wrote. Guess what she has on her palm? »

Angelina Jolie: a tattoo that makes people talk

Fans didn’t hesitate to try their luck (even if there is nothing to win). Among the proposals, there is the poetic, “Kiss the Sky” (kiss the sky), gratuitous wickedness, “Man (left) Snatcher (right)” (understand: man thief…), when some opt for a reference to brad pitt.

Kind of inelegant like “’F***. Brad » ? Even if things ended very badly between them, it’s still hard to imagine Angelina Jolie sending him such a message. Besides, Mr. K quickly clarified that, no, his ex had NOTHING to do with it. So, what does she have to tattoo?

Before Mr. K gives the answer, photos unveiled by the New York Post lifted part of the mystery. And the haters will be disappointed: by zooming in, we can see what looks like a dagger. For a collector of knives, it makes sense!

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