Angelina Jolie has a problem moving out of the US

Angelina Jolie is fed up with the United States and Hollywood life. She announced she was leaving. What are the tabloids reporting?

In September 2016 Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, citing the breakdown of her marriage with Brad Pitt irreconcilable differences. Even then it was clear that the separation of the couple would not be easy. The American media predicted that the court battle would turn into a public dirty wash, especially as the actress demanded complete custody of six children, to which Pitt refused.

Four and a half years after the case began, the parties failed to reach an agreement. In addition, Jolie accused Pitt of domestic violence. Two important issues have still not been resolved: the right to custody of five minor children, as their son Maddox is already 19 years old, and the division of joint property, incl. purchased in 2008 for 67 million dollars winery and castle Miraval in Correns, France.

Meanwhile, the media announced that despite the court ban, Angelina intends to flee Hollywood to London. What is reported by the colored press?

Angelina Jolie is leaving Hollywood

Jolie announced to the media that she plans to move to London with her six children, he said Woman’s Day. The article says that Angelina wanted to keep the children away from Brad Pitt and his family. She recently prevented them from attending a meeting at her ex-husband’s cousin’s house. Besides, the actress never hid that she was going to leave Hollywood:

I would like to live abroad and I will do it as soon as my children turn 18 – she said in the American “Harper’s Bazaar”.

This caused a real storm, because the open information was that Angelina could not leave America permanently without Brad Pitt’s consent. When she first voiced her intentions, her youngest children were 12 years old and Pitt had visiting rights, so there was no question, nor is there any immediate prospect of Jolie moving to the British Isles anytime soon.

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