Angelina Jolie has an Instagram account. He gives his voice to the Afghans

Angelina Jolie set up an account on Instagram to become part of the community of users of this popular platform, like most celebrities. However, the actress’s goal is not to share pictures of her private and professional life. Jolie made it clear, “I came on Instagram to share the stories and voices of people around the world who are fighting for their basic human rights.”

The first post published by the star concerned the situation in Afghanistan. The actress published the letter she received from a teenage Afghan woman. The girl, whose data has been classified, writes in it, inter alia, that she is afraid of the Taliban that with their arrival all her dreams have disappeared.

– Angelina Jolie wrote under the photo. Later in the post, she mentioned her visit to the Afghan border two weeks before the attacks on the World Trade Center, where she met Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban.

– commented the actress.

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Angelina Jolie on the situation in Afghanistan: I will not turn around

Angelina Jolie added that it was just as gross to watch how Afghan refugees, whom she called “some of the brightest people in the world”, have been treated as a burden for decades. She recalled that many of the women and girls she had met there had the courage to fight for education, and that Afghans would achieve a lot if they had the necessary tools and respect.

– the actress summed up.

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