Angelina Jolie has financial problems. What’s his plan to solve them?

Angelina Jolie is in trouble. Foreign press reports that the star’s fortune is declining at an alarming rate. She found a way to get straight. I can’t believe what she has come up with.

Angelina Jolie she had been paired with a few Hollywood hunks since she broke up with Pitt, but they were rather tabloid-far-fetched stories made for sensationalism, such as the fact that he was having an affair with Nicholas Cage just because Brad disliked him very much. Meanwhile, she has completely different things on her mind. The actress struggles with financial problems caused by her protracted divorce and a pandemic that has limited earning opportunities. She has already figured out a way to avoid bankruptcy. You won’t believe what the foreign press reports.

Angelina Jolie is in financial trouble. How will I solve them?

This week, The Globe reports that Angelina Jolie is going through tough financial times and is looking for a wealthy new boyfriend to credit her bank account and improve her status in Hollywood. According to the article, she exhausted her finances in a legal fight with ex-husband Brad Pitt. While attorney, expert and court fees continue to add up, the magazine says Pitt is also preventing her from selling her part of Château Miraval, a French estate they jointly own. The informant says:

Angelina goes crazy in search of cash. She has not been close enough to bankruptcy in the past few years to maintain her lifestyle, and the pandemic has also resulted in loss of earnings.

Jolie was inspired by her fellow actress Salma Hayek, who married the fashion mogul François-Henri Pinault in 2009.

Since Salma married a billionaire, she is treated differently from almost every actress Angie has ever worked with. Now Angie will limit her romantic quest to high-income individuals – and not get caught up in looks and career superficial affairs.

Will she manage to implement the plan and how much truth is in the reports The Globe?

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