Angelina Jolie has never looked better. In the photos from the holiday in Italy, the star is bursting with happiness

There are many indications that Angelina Jolie is having her best time in life. Her friend, the famous French photographer JR, posted on his Instagram some photos of the star from his stay in Venice, Italy. You can see that Jolie is constantly smiling and, as always, impresses with restrained elegance. See what her la dolce vita looks like under the Italian sky

A series of photos and stories posted on Instagram during the joint vacation of Angelina, JR and his wife show that the actress has come back to life after endless court battles with Brad Pitt. Jolie is continuing her tour of Europe and has recently stopped in Venice, at the Cipriani Hotel. She spends her days exploring charming Italian corners and enjoying the attractions there. The report from JR’s profile shows, among other things, how the star looks through the window of the luxurious Orient Express, admiring the scenery and taking photos, posing on the roof of one of the tenement houses and cruising the Venetian canals. The smile practically does not leave her face.

It also deserves attention styling Angie – as usual, modest and unforced, but full of class. I guess only she can look so dazzling at a simple, oversize ground-length caftan in a shade of raw gray. This is one of her favorite items of clothing, which the actress chooses whenever she wants to feel comfortable and stay true to her stylish DNA. Many times, paparazzi caught Jolie, wearing a jacket, shopping or taking the children to school. He often pairs it with leather flip-flops or sandals and a pair of large sunglasses. Depending on what character the star wants to add to his styling, he chooses an elegant trunk with a handle, a capacious tote bag or a comfortable messenger bag for the jacket. This styling works great on vacation – the clothes do not restrict movement, many accessories fit it and you can put them on quickly, e.g. when going down from the beach in a bathing suit.

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