Angelina Jolie in first photos from the set in the MCU

The Eternals

The Eternals will come in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and today we can see Angelina Jolie on the set. ALERT, SPOILER ALERT!

A beautiful Angelina Jolie has been immortalized on the set of The Eternalsthe new film The Marvel Cinematic Universe present to the public of the characters, for now, unknown on the big screen. You can see the pictures below in the post-social that the has disclosed, and in the gallery. The actress presents you with a wig blonde and this, in addition to attire can be a clue a little spoileroso, at least for those who know the comics. In reality, it is what is in the photos to be interesting to look at as well!

We know of course who are the protagonists of the film, but the plot is a secret, of course (the Marvel Studios and Disney are super protective with their secrets). However, since the outputs of these first images, something you can perhaps begin to imagine. What is making the actress in the photo, it seems, in fact, a “scatter” the ashes of someone. Of course, this is a potential spoiler because it means that some of the characters in the film are going to meet their creator in the film MCU!!! Clearly we don’t know who it could be. These photos of Angelina Jolie are the very first in her role, that of Thena, a member of the powerful group of the endless. The photo was taken on an English set, where currently it seems they are shooting some scenes. The film Marvel Studios to be released in November 2020 and is part of, as told in the new phase of the MCU, Phase 4. We will see later, even if the Peter Parker of Tom Holland will remain or not.


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