Angelina Jolie in the trailer for “Those Who Wish Me Death”

(Photo: press materials)

The most famous Lara Croft returns in a new action movie after a break of several years. The film “Those Who Wish Me Death” with her participation will go to the HBO Max platform.

After her electrifying role as the hired murderer in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the adventurous archaeologist in Lara Croft: Rhomb Rider and the vengeful Diabolina in The Sorcerer, Angelina Jolie played Hannah Faber, a guardian who is tormented by the ghosts of the past.

The plot of “Those Who Wish Me Dead” was based on the book by Michael Koryta of the same title. Production begins when Faber arrives in the Montana Desert. From the observation tower, it is to monitor nearby areas. The woman still brings up images of a fire from a few years ago, from which she was unable to save three people. One day, a 12-year-old boy (Finn Little) will stand in her way, a witness to the murder, chased by the hired killers. They fight for survival together.

(Photo: press materials)

Taylor Sheridan (“To Hell”) is responsible for directing and writing. In addition to Jolie and Little, the film features Nicholas Hoult (“Forever Alive”), Tyler Perry (“Gone Girl”), Jake Weber (“Joe Black”), Aiden Gillen (“Peaky Blinders”), and Jon Bernthal (” On the cursed ground ”). The premiere will take place in May. The film will hit theaters and hit the HBO Max platform.

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