Angelina Jolie in “TIME” about racism in medicine after the operation of Zahara’s daughter

When you are such a mother as Angelina Jolie and you have the chance to raise an international group of teenagers with different skin colors, you can quickly turn your attention to issues that many people are completely unaware of.

After the artist’s eldest daughter – sixteen Zahara Jolie-Pitt had to be operated on, it turned out that the standards in force in medical care so far are adjusted almost exclusively to white patients.

The adopted daughter of the star, who comes from Ethiopia, is black, and after last year’s stay in the hospital, she found out on her own skin that despite advanced medical knowledge in the 21st century, the treatment of patients is adapted to the needs of people who are white, which can often pose a threat to life. a huge number of patients without fair skin.

Angelina Jolie struggles to consider the needs of people with black skin during treatment

In the latest issue of “TIME Magazine” Angelina Jolie interviewed a 21-year-old Malone Mukwendewho is just studying medicine at St. George’s University in London, but despite his young age, he has already embarked on a noble project aimed at changing the approach to treating many diseases in such a way as to take into account the needs of people with dark skin (for this purpose he has developed a special medical handbook entitled “Mind the Gap”). “).


The future doctor told the actress that he had decided to start acting on a larger scale in the field of racism in medicine, because during his apprenticeship he had the opportunity to learn many times that most of the textbooks on medicine were adapted to the needs of white people.

The student assured Angelina Joliethat almost all the images and statistics that were made available to him in his studies were based on studies conducted on patients with white skin.

According to Malone Mukwende such a gap in medical knowledge can be deadly and often exposes black people to completely misdiagnosed and unnecessary suffering, and in extreme cases may even lead to their death.

We are in the 21st century, and the reference point in medicine is … white skin

Angelina Jolie made a personal confession during an interview with a future black doctor. The actress said that:

“I have children from all over the world and I know that when all of them had a rash, the rashes looked very different depending on their skin color. Every time I looked at their medical records, white skin was always the point of reference. Recently, my daughter Zahara, whom I adopted from Ethiopia, underwent surgery. After the procedure, the nurse told me to call me if her skin… turned pink, ”revealed Angelina.


Medicine through the prism of skin color – the needs of white people are still the standard

Malone Mukwende he assured the actress that “this is how she learns modern medicine”. Although, according to him, the medical profession has a specific way of talking about diseases, and practicing this profession requires ethics and a large dose of culture when talking to patients, the standards established in medicine from the very beginning ruled out the distinctiveness associated with different colors of patients’ skin.

The principles preserved over the years have become so stuck in the minds of most medical personnel that many people do not even realize that they are unknowingly ignoring the needs of certain groups of the population.

Worse, even black people who recognize the symptoms of most diseases through a prism adapted to those who are white think this way – they are the main source of reference in medical textbooks to this day.

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