Angelina Jolie in tribute to an outstanding fashion photographer. Bees filled her body

Angelina Jolie starred in a spine-chilling photo shoot for National Geographic magazine. In a photo shared on social media, her body is filled with bees. There is no photographic trick in it, except for one – the actress was smeared with a pheromone.

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On the “National Geographic” website you can read that Angelina Jolie cooperates with UNESCO and the Guerlain cosmetics brand as part of the “Women for bees” campaign. This action aims to build 2,500 hives and restore the population of 125 million bees by 2025. – while training and supporting 50 female beekeepers. Hence the idea that on the occasion of the World Bee Day, the actress photographed herself in the “company” of these insects.

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Jolie, in order to take part in such a session, had to “rub with pheromones”. In addition, for three days before the photos were taken, she could not wash, so that the aromas of shampoos and soaps would not confuse the bees. The author of this photo, Dan Winters (a beekeeper himself), provided more technical details about the session in his Instagram post. He revealed what work he was inspired by.

Photographer about how he took the picture

“My main concern was safety (…). I knew that the only way to be sure we were getting the results we wanted would be to use the same technique Avedon used 40 years ago to create his iconic Beekeeper portrait. I hired my friend Konrad Bouffard, a beekeeping master, to implement the idea. He has contacted an entomologist who previously created a specific pheromone (known as Queen mandibular pheromone or QMP) – just for Avedon (…) ”- said the photographer.

The photographer added that the session used a “calm” subspecies of Italian bees, but the whole team, apart from Angelina, had to wear protective clothes that beekeepers use. Dan Winters admitted that he personally rubbed the QMP pheromone into the actress’s body.

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Angelina Jolie then had to stand still for 18 minutes for the bees to take their “positions”. According to the photographer, neither of them stung her.

“I feel that our proposal for the World Bee Day has its roots in the history of photography,” the photographer added in his post. “Taking this portrait exactly 40 years later not only honors bees and beekeepers today, but also honors Richard Avedon, his iconic image and technique by which he achieved what he intended,” he said.

How many bees were involved?

In the materials about the session with Angelina Jolie, there is no information about how many bees took part in it. In the aforementioned work by Avedon from 1981, 250,000 people were involved. bees. They were gradually released from six wire containers.

The bees first flew onto a molasses-covered plywood board where they could feed. Many immediately found a model that had previously been sprayed with the queen bee pheromone (it was then a man, Ronald Fischer, who responded to the ad, but only found out what Avedon had planned on the spot).

The model later mentioned in the Chicago Tribune that he was stung four times, including twice under the nose and twice in the back. He also mentioned that he did not get paid for posing, only a copy of the album in which the photo appeared and a collector’s copy of the portrait.

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