Angelina Jolie in Ukraine, fans recognize her in a bar in Lviv

Surprisingly, in overalls and with a very low profile, Angelina Jolie entered a bar in Lviv, in Ukraine, leaving customers speechless. Fans recognized her immediately and immortalized her in a video that went around the world and was relaunched by the magazine The Kyiv Independent. She, kind and helpful, greeted everyone with great cordiality, signing autographs and posing for photos.

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The 46-year-old actress and director is envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and she went to places of war with the sensitivity that distinguishes her and which brings her ever more to the forefront of the fight for human rights. She then went to the city station to welcome a train of refugees from Donetsk.

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Right from the start, the artist expressed his solidarity with the Ukrainian people on social media regarding the conflict with Russia. You shared various posts about the war and spoke of the «nearly two million displaced in the country, many trapped by the ongoing fighting and denied access to health care, as well as at the mercy of psychological dangers. War costs children the highest pricein terms of trauma, lost childhoods and broken lives».

After inviting us to pray, he put his face on it and she went directly to the placedemonstrating how words are immediately followed by deeds.

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