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Actress Angelina Jolie set up a private profile on Instagram last Friday. After 3 days, he already has over 7.5 million followers.

Jolie directly wrote that set up a profile on this platform so that she can share the stories of people living in Afghanistan, as well as all the people around the world who fight for basic human rights.

In the first post the actress published a letter received from a teenager from Afghanistan. “Afghanistan is now losing the ability to communicate on social media and express themselves freely. So I went on Instagram to share their stories and the voices of people around the world fighting for their basic human rights,” she wrote.

Barbara Krysztofczyk, CEO of the Krystal Point agency, noted the actress’s gesture, noting that the actress created this profile “not to talk about raising children, a conflict with my ex-husband or other film roles, but to use her #image for a good and important purpose”.

The expert also noted that there is still little information on this subject in the Polish media, but abroad, many lifestyle, gossip and news portals write about Angelina Jolie – including USA Today, CNN, Fox News, Harper’s BAZAAR, Vanity Fair etc.

For me, this gesture is a fantastic symbol that there are no more or less serious #SocialMedia“- emphasized Barbara Krysztofczyk.

“Likes will not save the world”?

In an interview with, Barbara Krysztofczyk points out that It is often accused of public people who write on social media about social problems that “likes will not save the world”.

– That’s true. But only half … likes increase the ranges, and the ranges mean that more and more people know about the communicated problem, which in turn increases the chance that one of them – inspired by an influencer’s entry – will take real action – notes the expert. – Moreover, the more famous people talk about a problem, the more so-called social pressure, for example on people in power, grows. This may have a real impact on the fact that politicians will deal with this particular topic in the first place. As you know, the authorities (not only in Poland) look at the reactions and expectations of citizens very much, examine them and often on this basis make decisions important for a given country – he adds.

It is clearly good in terms of image

The CEO of the Krystal Point agency says that, of course, Angelina Jolie’s performance is clearly good from the image point of view, but it would not be possible to translate this activity 1 to 1 for another star, because for a pro-social initiative to have a really great power – it must be credible.

– Jolie has been known for years for the fact that she works for the benefit of people from war-torn areas. She traveled to such places, performed at the most important world meetings, where she spoke about humanitarian aid, even her adoptive children are related to the actress’s mission. Because in such pro-social activities, credibility is really the key – this is why Małgorzata Rozenek is well received when she talks about in vitro, and Joanna Krupa when she fights for animal rights. It is important to choose a goal that is really important to the public figure, which she will want to defend “at all costs” and which she will want to stick to for years. this approach gives really good results – both for the cause and for the image of the star, emphasizes our interlocutor. And adds: – Everything sounded perfect for Jolie in this gesture. Perfect 3K – messenger, message and channel. When these elements come together well in time and in an important context, great things happen.

Expectations of opinion leaders are rising

According to the Edelman 2021 Confidence Barometer, covering 16,800+ respondents from 14 countries, our expectations towards opinion leaders more and more often go beyond their professional specialization.

For example, as much as 79 percent. employees expect their bosses to really act to solve social problems.

– I think that this trend also affects public figures. Abroad, more and more famous and privileged people – in addition to their standard activity – engage in socially important topics, using social media, podcasts or TV productions. One of the more famous examples of this type of initiative is, of course, the collaboration of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with Netfliks, but many of the lesser-known stars abroad use their public position to the maximum to work for the initiatives they consider important. For example, America Ferrera (who plays in the series “Ugly”) has been working for the rights of women and the Latin community for years, Mayim Bialik (from the series “The Big Bang Theory”) talks on YouTube about intimacy parenting, feminism and tolerance, and has recently started recording a podcast on health. mental health – comments Barbara Krysztofczyk.

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