Angelina Jolie, is clash with daughter Shiloh. She cheers on Brad Pitt and runs away from home

It’s a difficult time for Angelina Jolie and her daughter Shiloh who just can’t seem to find a common ground. The young girl, now sixteen, would be tired of the war between her parents, which began after her divorce in 2016 and, rather than proposing for her mother, she would instead be in favor of her father.

Shiloh, at the center of various controversies since she was a child for the hormonal treatment that she should have followed to change sex (but which was not completed), is now making headlines again, both for the success of some videos where she dances hip hop that went viral in a very short time, and then, for the bad relationship with her mother with whom she would constantly argue because of her legal choices against her ex-husband, to the point of even running away from home.

In fact, the girl, who is rooting for her father, would have run to Brad Pitt’s house, running away without saying anything to her mother, just to spend more time with her father who is, unfortunately, forced to stay away from his children, after the allegation of violence against them. Among all, Shiloh is the only one who still has a close relationship with the actor while her older children, Maddox and Pax would no longer want to have anything to do with their father.

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