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Angelina Jolie (46) is shocking again! The sexy star can not get rid of famous and wealthy men after parting with Brad Pitt (58)! As a result, it got to the point that, apparently, Angelina cannot decide on just one star. She was caught! There is a war between two admirers for the actress.

It’s hard to keep up with Angelina Jolie’s love life! The beautiful actress has always shocked with sexual habits and tempted the biggest stars with her beauty and temperament. Angelina’s various affairs have been gossiped about since breaking up with Brad Pitt, but recently the sexy star has outdone herself. Was she dating two men at the same time ?! In the summer, Angelina was caught spending a few hours with a musician known as The Weeknd (31). Abel Makkonen Tesfaye is a black Canadian singer and music producer. Angelina was staring deep into his eyes on her Santa Monica date night, and the rumors were endless. But that same summer, Angelina was also seen entering a New York apartment … her ex-husband. Johnny Lee Miller (49) and Angelina divorced in 1999, but apparently the old love is not rusting.

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Whose side are you on, Brad or Angelina?

Miller even met Angelina’s children and it looked serious, only … Angelina was caught dating The Weeknd again! This time they visited a luxurious Italian restaurant, also in Santa Monica. One lover in California and the other in New York? Ah that Angelina! Meanwhile, it is also loud about the actress’s court battles with Brad Pitt. It is not only about custody of the children, the couple clashed through lawyers also over the vineyard they once bought together in France.

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