Angelina Jolie: is her new tattoo a pic of Brad Pitt?

On August 23, a celebrity-loved New York tattoo artist shared a photo of Angelina Jolie’s newly tattooed hands.

Angelina Jolie has always had a soft spot for tattoos, largely for the meaning they can be given. On her left arm, the actress has tattooed geographical coordinates corresponding to the birthplaces of her children. On her back she has different Buddhist signs symbolizing peace and love. On the left shoulder blade, we wrote a prayer in Khmer, a nod to his son Maddox.

Recently, the actress has been talking about her on social networks since she added two new tattoos to her list, one on each middle finger. It was the actress’s tattoo artist, Mr. K – Sanghyuk Ko – who, on August 23, posted a photo of his client’s hands on Instagram, writing: “I still can’t believe I gave her actually grabbed the hand and tattooed it. Guess what she has in her palm? »

A targeted tattoo?

The adults being blurred, Internet users hastened to answer the question. In the comments many were those to submit the idea that these new drawings were a nod to the latest twists in his separation from Brad Pitt. So much so that the tattoo artist was forced to take the floor to make things clear by saying: “It has NOTHING to do with Brad Pitt”. Other members of the ‘Tomb Raider’ star’s community wondered, “I don’t know why people think that. It’s an old story,” “People are so weird and always insert Brad into their lives. She has already removed the only tattoo she had for him,” one can read on Instagram.

During one of her recent walks in New York, Angelina Jolie waved to the paparazzi following her. This allowed them to photograph the famous drawing. For some, the tattoo depicts a sword crossing the finger. For others a new Buddhist symbol.

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