Angelina Jolie, new accusations against Brad Pitt: he allegedly “grabbed a son by the neck” and slapped another

The legal battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt escalates. The latest details come from New York Times according to which the diva would have revealed alleged violence suffered by her and her children during a September 2016 private jet flight from France to California. Right after that, she filed divorce papers.

This time the subject of the dispute is a vineyard in France, Château Miraval, which the two former spouses had purchased more than a decade ago, in 2008, and where they then decided to convene at night. She sold half of her in September 2021 but without his permission, saying that she did not feel comfortable running an alcohol-related business with her ex-husband (since he had addiction problems). Meanwhile, in 2019, the same actor revealed to the Times that he attended the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and made a commitment to stay sober.

In the documents filed in court in Los Angeles days ago, the actress, director and activist would have included rather detailed private details. This is a counter complaint in which the lawyers of the lady who would have been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement at the time. Had she done so, she would have committed herself not to “speak out outside the court of the physical and emotional abuse of her and the children.” Specifically, according to Jolie’s testimonies, the ex-husband allegedly “grabbed one of the children by the neck and slapped another in the face”, to then “pour the beer on her and immediately afterwards also the red wine on the children”, when the little ones intervened on behalf of the mother. According to Angelina Jolie’s reconstructions, it all started because Brad Pitt accused her of having an “too obsequious” attitude towards her children and then yelled at her in the bathroom. In the document – again according to what the magazine reports – we read that the actor would have slammed her against her wall after having grabbed her by the head and shaken her, and then grabbed her by the shoulders repeatedly.

After an investigation into what happened, the FBI – which has jurisdiction over flights – issued an official statement stating that the allegations had no basis.

Meanwhile Anne Kiley, attorney for Brad Pitt, said his client takes responsibility for actions committed in the past but not for those that never occurred. In practice, translated from the bureaucratese it is a way to put a point on the accusations that have already been examined by the authorities and filed.

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