Angelina Jolie reveals the meaning of his first tattoo, inspired by Tennessee Williams


In the years 90, Angelina Jolie parading the red carpets of Hollywood, with a string round the neck that we saw a sort of bottle petite with the blood of his, now, ex-partner, filmmaker Billy Bob Thornton. In the words of the actress, it was a way of staying close to him, in the midst of their absences by being at the filming of the movie Tomb Raider: adventures of Lara Croft. In those years, Angelina Jolie was also one of the few actresses of the media that had covered his skin with ink. A actress rebel, for many. For her, a be wild of heart kept in a cage. With 20 years, the protagonist of Maleficentshe felt lost and, at the confesárselo to his mother one night, she told him that her uneasy to be reminded of the writings of Tennessee Williams in his work The rose tattooed.

Angelina Jolie Billy Bob Thornton.

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A classic of the TWENTIETH century in which the american writer gives a portrait on the hearts repressed and their ability to survive. Serafina, a woman of sicilian immigrant in the united States, is the one who gives life to this work. A heart wild and free, just like that Angelina Jolie claims in a recent interview and live with him since his first tattoo, on the left arm. “Let us make a prayer for all hearts wild living locked up in cages”is how the actress manifests the love (or ways of love) on your skin, for the first time, when it was hardly a young man.

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Angelina Jolie: the queen of tattoos.

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With this tattoo is how Angelina Jolie protects and values your wild side. She encourages us to have no fear or shame for being wild of heart (or loved rebels, in categories of the society). This is: fearless, emotional, honest, beings in search of freedom of thoughts and ways of loving. Because, in the words of the actress, “anything else is a cage impossible to live”. Amen.



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