Angelina Jolie reveals the truth about her ex-husband! Brad Pitt abusing a child?

Angelina Jolie, involved in helping refugees, victims of the war, actively participated in field missions. Recently, she co-authored the book “Know Your Rights”, which she created with child rights attorney Geraldine Van Bueren QC and Amnesty International. It deals with issues related to the right to life, dignity, health, equality, freedom of thought and expression, privacy, play and education. The actress confessed in an interview with “The Guardian” why she decided to create this “guide”.

The actress co-finances humanitarian projects, opens schools, and helps the poor and those affected by armed conflicts in the world. Three of her children were adopted. Maddox, 20, was born in Cambodia, Pax, 17, is Vietnamese, and Zahara, 16, is from Ethiopia.

Angelina Jolie points out that for legal reasons she cannot provide details of the divorce case. However, the interview itself mentioned a situation in which Brad Pitt allegedly abused his son Maddox. And all while traveling by private plane. The actor had problems with alcohol, and after breaking up, he began attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. In the course of the parental divorce procedures, three of their children asked to give evidence.

Jolie herself recalls that when she started working on the film “Playing with Hearts” at the age of 21, something happened that changed her life forever. She has accused producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. The actress ran away from his hotel room. The man was convicted of raping actress Jessica Mann and molesting his assistant. He’s doing the sentence. However, he replied to the accusations. He denies everything.

Jolie never cooperated with the producer again. She rejected the proposal for the movie “The Aviator”. With the man – convicted today – she wanted nothing to do. However, Brad Pitt worked with him. And while he did that, there were fierce quarrels at home. Angelina believes that the actor downplayed what she experienced in her youth. He saw nothing wrong with working with her torturer.

A human rights activist explains that she divorced her and her children. Brad accused of domestic violence. The breakup was a traumatic experience for her. He adds that there are many things he cannot tell the world. And with everything she’s experienced in her relationship with Pitt, she still can’t pull herself together. But she wants to move forward, she wants her children to move forward, and even … their dad. She emphasizes that they will always be a family.

Author: Małgorzata Durmaj

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