Angelina Jolie seduced from the Colosseum: also Maleficent enchanted by the arena


“Evil” seduced by the Colosseum. The archaeology of the conquest of the roman holiday actress Angelina Jolie, landed in the Capital to present his latest film “Maleficent 2”. When it is said, haunted the arena, then. Great was the surprise of the staff of the Flavian Amphitheatre when on Tuesday morning, very early, (the monument had just opened) are seen arriving to the Hollywood stars to the gates. A surprise from a tourist’s special (ticket is regularly paid). It was only 8: 30 am, when the beautiful Angelina has entered the gates from the Spur Stern with his three sons. With them, a companion “cicero”.

Long overcoat, black tight around the waist, sunglasses, loose long hair, Angelina Jolie has enjoyed the breathtaking view of the Colosseum from the arena. “Nice hand”, said by the reception staff. A lightning visit, half an hour, decided last minute the night before. The diva did not want to leave Rome without showing the children the great beauty of the Colosseum. And it was worth it.

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