Angelina Jolie sells a gift from Brad Pitt! This is a painting by Winston Churchill

Angelina Jolie
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Most often, gifts that you receive from your exes end up in the basket. In emotions, hardly anyone looks at their value. However, if a unique painting worth several million dollars is at stake, then the dilemmas begin. Leave or sell? Angelina Jolie chose the latter option …

Foreign websites report that Angelina Jolie gets rid of the gift from Brad Pitt. However, nobody sees it, because hardly anyone wants to collect gifts from their exes. Jolie doesn’t think she really wants to have anything to do with her ex-husband anymore, so she decided to sell the painting she received from him.

However, this is not just any gift, but a painting called “Tower of the Booksellers mosque”. It was a gift Winston Churchill for the President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt! Painted in 1943 and the only painting he completed during World War II.

It is a great honor to have such a valuable painting, even if it was donated by an ex-husband. For Angelina Jolie, the sloppy lyrics of value apparently do not appeal to the actress, because the actress decided to sell it. The work of art is to be auctioned in March.

ESKA XD # 015


The painting was bought in 2011 by an anonymous buyer from a New Orleans antiques dealer for $ 2.95 million. According to sources, the mysterious buyer was supposed to be Pitt, who gave him to Angelina.

Reportedly, before it fell into Brad’s hands, Roosevelt was to pass it on to his son. This one sold the painting in 1950 to one of the art collectors. The work was then purchased by the film producer Norman G. Hickmanow and handed over to his relatives after his death.

It is not known why Angelina Jolie sells such a valuable work. You think it might have to do with the fact that she just got it from Brad Pitt?

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