Angelina Jolie set up an Instagram profile

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The actress’s first post has already become a viral. The star shared a handwritten letter she got from a teenager from Afghanistan.

Angelina Jolie has avoided social media for years. In 2019, information was circulated on the Internet that the actress had launched a YouTube channel. So far, two materials from her public speeches have been made available on the profile – at the UN General Assembly and the Women In Entertainment panel. After a few months, however, the profile was removed and perhaps never belonged to the actress.

This time, however, there is no doubt that the actress’s new profile on Instagram is official. The account marked with a blue tick was observed by nearly six million fans in less than a day. The actress, known for her social involvement, knew how to properly use the interest of Internet users. The star’s first post was a photo of a letter she got from a teenager from Afghanistan. The girl writes about the situation in the country after the Taliban took power. “People in Afghanistan are cut off from the outside world, their access to social media is restricted and their right to free expression is under threat. That’s why I decided to set up an Instagram profile to vote for them and everyone whose human rights are violated, ”the actress wrote.

Her post immediately became a viral, collecting nearly 2.5 million likes, over 100,000 comments and thousands of shares. In another post, the actress shared infographics about the situation of refugees around the world.

The tragic situation in Afghanistan is causing despair and outrage among people all over the world. The dramatic images show thousands of people trying to get out of the country’s capital, Kabul, which was captured by the Taliban on August 15 after the withdrawal of US troops. For information on how each of us can help, see the link.

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