“Angelina Jolie? She is serious and professional… “. The actor Giuseppe Portaccio speaks

The Hollywood star (just turned 46) was seen in Terra d’Otranto (the Lecce marina in Torre Chianca) at the end of last March

FRANCESCO GRECO – TAVIANO (LE). “Serious, professional, scrupulous…”, this is how an Apulian actor remembers Angelina Jolie. Set of “Without Blood”, film based on the novel “Without Blood” (publisher Feltrinelli) by the writer Alessandro Baricco: the American star is in the triple role of author, director and producer (it is her fifth work behind the camera) . In the now distant 2017 it acquired the rights.

Giuseppe Portaccio is in the troupe and remembers her perfectly: “He used to shoot in Valle d’Itria, in a farm between Taranto and Martina Franca and I played a player at the poker table. Then the assistant director made me get up and walk around the room… “. Photos with the actress? “No, neither outside nor on the set was not allowed to do…”.

The Hollywood star (just turned 46) had been seen in Terra d’Otranto (the Lecce marina of Torre Chianca) at the end of last March, with one of her daughters: evidently it was an inspection in search of the right locations. Even if the gossip had whispered of an interest in a farm, the trend of the moment, from Madonna to Helen Mirren, now there are few available.

Superb Oscar-winning cast, Salma Hayek among others. Jolie called the novel “a work full of poetry”. And she added: “It is an honor for me to be in Italy shooting such a particular story…”.

The “ciak” in which Portaccio starred were hit at the beginning of this month. As we have already said, in Valle d’Itria. Other locations are planned in Lucania and Rome. The film is also produced by Fremantle (Andrea Scrosati), The Apartment Pictures (Lorenzo Mieli) and De Maio Entertainment (Lorenzo De Maio). Planetary distribution signed by Fremantle, and it could not be otherwise since Jolie is a world star, however, also committed to peace (she collaborates with UNHCR) in all quadrants of the planet, from Ukraine to Yemen.

Born in Taviano (Lecce) in 1959, Portaccio can be said to have acted all his life, in large and small productions, of the majors or independents: he passes from one casting to another without stopping and plays the most disparate roles (he is also a skilled dancer), as did the great Tommaso Giuranno, also an actor from Taviano, who died a year ago.

Eclectic to the utmost degree, Portaccio has worked in films, web series, TV dramas (“Marshal Fenoglio”, “Lolita 2”, etc.), commercials (Ford Fiesta), video clips (“Abash”, “Salomè”, ” Here comes the gang ”,“ Fomenta ”), TV series (“ Stronger than fate ”,“ Briganti ”, etc.).

And again, between auteur films and TV hits: “Sangue Vivo”, “Welcome Albania”, “Melissa P.”, “Hermano”, “Solino”, “Forget my father”, “When you were born you can no longer hide “,” Eccezziunale really 2 “,” Totem Blue “,” The Wings “, My daughter is getting married”, “Red Sunset”, “Unexpected”, “Have you ever been to the moon?”, “I do not give up”, ” The little crusader “,” I come too “,” Renata Fonte “,” The promised life “,” The agency of liars “,” Caputo brothers “,” The food club “,” I’m fine “,” Il Giudice Mastrangelo ”,“ Il Giudice Mastrangelo 2 ”,“ The father of brides ”,“ The iron prefect ”,“ Happy days ”,“ Palazzina Laf ”.

Short films: “Where my eyes”, “U consulu”, “Almost so”. Western series: “That dirty black bag”. Thriller: “The Scharm”. And finally, days ago, with Angelina Jolie in “Without Blood” who, as already mentioned, will see him all over the world.

Standing ovation for “our” Giuseppe Portaccio!

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